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You know what a great institution KCT is by the products it produces: successful alumni who are making a profound difference in our communities, their chosen fields of expertise, and our alma mater.

Call for Nominations/Self Nomination

The Department is soliciting nominations for the 2016 Distinguish Alumni Awards. The basis for the nomination can be excellence in research, Professional growth/Management, Entrepreneurship, Government Service & Social service.

Honoring distinguished alumni

Alumni recognition programs are becoming a tradition at KCT, 5 awards to alumni showing great promise. “Alumni are a priority to our College and we are proud to highlight their accomplishments and awards are given away during Global Alumni meet happens on the month of December every year.

There are many ways to celebrate our alumni .We believe that one of the most important ways is by recognizing what impact our graduates have on the community after graduation. That is what makes KCT proud

Nominations should include:

  1. Your nominating letter
  2. A CV for the nominee
  3. Contact information for the nominee

For full consideration, nominations should be sent to us by Oct 8, 2016. Nominate for the award by Logging in to your Alumni account. If you don't have account yet,

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Alumni Awards

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